Tools to get the job done right!

Bearing Drifts

Like KOGEL's bearings, their drift sets are designed in such a way that it is close to impossible to damage the bearing races during installation. Most set consists of two frame drifts and a frame guide. The guide centres the tool in the frame so everything stays lined up straight reducing your chances of damaging the bearing or the frame upon installation.

Born out of a frustration with the current offers on the market, KOGEL decided to tighten up the tolerances and design a set around the Park Tool HHP-2 bearing press, the most common tool used by professional mechanics. That said, this has been tested with an array of other press options and work without fault.

Get Greasy!

KOGEL stands by the team at Morgan Blue for their bearing needs.

  • Aquaproof Paste - for bearing installation
  • Low Friction Grease - for all hybrid ceramic bearings