Why Ceramic Bottom Brackets?
Upgrading to a ceramic bottom bracket with coated bearings, gives your bike reduced friction and better protection from nature's elements.

KOGEL Bearings offers high-quality ceramic bottom brackets for your road, mountain, or cross bike.

KOGEL have perfected ceramic bearing selection, manufacturing processes, fit and assembly. The result?
An extremely reliable and efficient bottom brackets with tight variances and industry-leading durability.

KOGEL Bearings is the gold standard for podium-grade ceramic bicycle bearings around the world.

Features and Benefits

  • Road and off-road specific seal options - These help keep your bike as fast and smooth as possible.
  • Designed to fit any crank and frame without adapters - less chance of unwanted noise and problems
  • An Industry leading "2-Year, very few questions asked warranty" - Keep it simple!


What seals should I choose?

We recommend and encourage the use of Cross Seals at all times, however...
Road and Cross seals perform very similar after the initial seal wear in period, what changes is the potential for contamination.

If you ride all conditions (Wet Weather, Gravel, MTB etc), wet and dry.... Cross seals are a no brainer as they keep the dirt out and seal tougher.
If you are a fair weather rider, Road, TT or Track rider... we would suggest trying some Road seals. They have a lower seal resistance (less watts lost) but are more prone to contamination if you get your bike wet or dirty.

What Bottom Bracket do I need?

Follow our simple 3 Step process and you should select one without error. You’ll need a set of Vernier Calipers for this part.

1. Measure the ID of the Bottom Bracket Shell
2. Measure the Width of the Bottom Bracket Shell
3. Measure the Diameter of the spindle on the crankset

Once you’ve written all this down match it up with the categories below