KOGEL 12TNW Full Ceramic Shimano Blue Pulleys

$ 425.00

These Pulleys are for ROAD USE only.

Introducing our "Not For Instagram" Pulleys....

The name of these pulleys came from the fact that Instagram videos were limited to 15 seconds. There is no way to show how well they spin in 15 seconds. Since then Instagram has lifted the long video ban and we decided to keep with the name!

These pulleys will fit perfectly on your Shimano Dura-Ace R9000 and Ultegra R6800 derailleurs as an oversize upgrade. The narrow wide tooth profile on the top pulley helps to retain shifting accuracy by pushing every link of the chain.

Compatible with Current Genration Shimano
Dura-Ace R9100
Ultegra R8000
105 R7000

as well as the Older Generation Shimano
Dura-Ace R9000
Ultegra R6800

* Product Images for Reference only - dust cover and small parts may change

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