NiteRider is dedicated to designing the highest quality performance products, using the best materials and latest technologies and will always provide extraordinary customer service. NiteRider didn’t jump into the bike lights market, they created it! That’s a bold statement - but it’s true.

Twenty Eight years ago Tom Carroll, the founder of NiteRider, figured that putting his ultra bright surfing headlamp on his bike was a good idea. Tom being a fanatical surfer wanted to extend his surf day so he designed a water proof helmet light for surfing.

At the time no one had ever considered the benefits of putting high powered lights on to bikes, everyone was literally riding around in the dark. Twenty Eight years after mounting his first light on a bike, Tom remains at the helm of the business, designing and driving innovation that other light companies continue to follow.

NiteRider is proud of the fact that when mountain bikers, road cyclists and urban commuters, think of lights, they turn to the one company that continues to re define bicycle lights in innovation, quality and performance, NiteRider.

Before you buy your next bike light, compare the list of our industry firsts with other bike light manufacturers, and ask yourself, who has been in the business the longest, who has a reputation as providing incomparable customer service and who is the most trusted name in this game?

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