June 30th, 2017
FE Sports

The Ridley Bikes Noah SL - Built For Glory

From the very beginning, Ridley Bicycles has been at the forefront of bicycle aerodynamics. Before it was a fad, Ridley developed and patented a series of FAST technologies setting the benchmark for what an ‘aero road bike’ should be. We take a look at the flagship model of the Ridley Aero Range, The Noah SL.  

‘Aero’ is more than just tear drop shaped aerodynamic tubes, in fact for Ridley this is only the beginning. Their engineers, in a constant strive to develop the fastest bike in the world have analyzed aerodynamics in every possible detail. The Ridley Noah SL has been developed as an integration of components and technologies that minimise the rider’s effort of cutting through the wind (no matter where it is coming from) and the drag associated with parts interacting with the frame. Not just theoretical Wind Tunnel numbers but actual Real World results.

Throughout years of in-depth aerodynamic testing Ridley discovered 3 major issues that cause drag and limit the speed a bike and its rider can achieve. They have managed to find a solution for each one with the result being the development of the Future Aero Speed Technology (FAST) concept. This revolutionary design has been integrated into many of Ridleys models with the new Noah SL being the most effective adaptation of the technology to date.

The 2017 super–svelte Noah SL weighs a scant 950g yet boasts all of Ridley’s wind-cheating (FAST) F-Surface technology without sacrificing ride comfort. It’s the weapon of choice for Ridley's World Tour Lotto-Soudal riders, boasting new resin technologies and innovative layups that create the possibility of explosive power transfer without a weight penalty. The Noah SL also relies upon F-surface technology that’s molded into the tubeset for permanent, uncompromising performance. In the hands of a powerful sprinter like Andre Greipel, the Noah SL has become a new Pro-Tour standard in the Peloton and a regular visitor of the podium. 

Noah SL strikes an excellent balance between race machine and all-purpose everyday ride and is one of the most practical and versatile bikes on the market. Pairing low weight with a highly aerodynamic design, Noah SL stands out as a nearly compromise-free frameset among what seems to be a sea of discipline-specific options. The Noah's oversized tubes contain a mix of 60, 40, and 30-ton high-modulus Carbon Fiber. The SL's inclusion of the higher quality 60t Carbon means it uses less material at key points while maintaining the same levels of stiffness and power transfer at a lower overall weight. As with past Noah models, the SL's different carbon moduli are used in different areas of the frame based on the desired properties of stiffness, weight, durability, and road dampening. Using a blend of materials is certainly not new within the bicycle industry but very few manufacturers go to the extreme of using 60t carbon. 

The SL also features a tapered head tube for sharp tracking and efficient power transfer along with a PF30 bottom bracket, internal cable routing, and electronic group-set compatibility. Setting the Noah apart from other Aero frames is Ridley's Future Aero Speed Technology (FAST) F-Surface design, which involves channels that run the length of forward-facing tubes and trip air into a manageable layer of turbulence. The tripped layer detaches later than normal and more cleanly, reducing the frame's wake and overall drag. 

One of the most distinctive features of the Noah SL frame set is its high-modulus carbon fiber F-Split Fork with an open channel running down the middle of each leg. This FAST F-Split design is revolutionary in its ability to guide incoming air away from the spokes resulting in a reduction of turbulence and drag keeping the airstream around the wheel smooth and efficient. By pairing this fork with the FAST F-Surface channels the Noah SL enjoys a 3-5% reduction in drag over frames without the FAST design. In short this means More Speed with Less Effort! 

The 2017 Noah SL is available in Australia through the Ridley Australasia network of Quality Retailers. Visit the FE Sports Store Locator  to find your closest dealer and Ridley Bikes for more information on both the Noah SL and full Ridley Bikes range.