May 16th, 2017
FE Sports

Fed up with Creaking Bottom Brackets? Why you don't need to put up with it.

Belgian Ceramic Bearing and Bottom Bracket specialists pioneering real solutions for the seemingly endless array of modern Bottom Bracket Trends.  

It wasn't too long ago that the only questions needing to be answered when purchasing a new or replacement Bottom Bracket was shell width, spindle length and English or Italian thread? Today threaded or screw-in (BSA) BB's and bicycle frames are becoming fewer and farther between as modern Press-Fit style systems become the norm and on the whole for good reason. Modern press-fit systems save weight, improve stiffness, allow for wider diameter spindles resulting in less axle twist and (with the right tools) are simpler to install. Despite these clear advantages, press-fit systems don't come without their fair share of issues the biggest of which is the dreaded BB Creak. Today there are a huge range of modern BB systems offered by many manufacturers each claiming to be the best so it is easy to see how even the most experienced and knowledgeable cyclist can be confused. This is where C-Bear come in.

C-Bear was founded in 2008 by Bart Schouten, a passionate Belgian Cyclist who like many fellow riders was frustrated with the difficulties associated with the many bearing and bottom bracket systems flooding the market. He set out to find a solution focusing on quality bearings that provided less friction for greater speed and performance with a reasonable and practical lifespan all at a realistic price point. C-Bear and Silent, Speed, Performance was born. 

Why C-Bear?

C-Bear focus on what they know best. They are a Ceramic Bearing Specialist focused specifically on cycling and all C-Bear products come standard with ceramic bearings and a full 2 year no questions asked warranty against manufacturing defects. C-Bear strongly believe that one size Does Not fit all and aim to provide solutions for your choice of bicycle and crank without the need for unnecessary add-ons, washers or spacers as well as eliminate the need for loctite or glue. They are bottom bracket and bearing option pioneers and are the first to offer solutions for many of the modern and current bottom bracket trends.

Another C-Bear stand out is the decision to use a full CNC Machined Aluminium BB cup and shell instead of the plastic housing offered by many competitors. C-Bear took a very early position to go against the trend when most companies were adding all sorts of plastic accessories and parts to force the bottom bracket shell and crank to fit. The metal alloy housing requires much higher precision and tighter tolerances but has very little tendency to flex or deform eliminating BB creak and restoring many a cyclists sanity! All C-Bear BB's are also designed and manufactured to place the bearings as close to the crank-arm as possible rather than inside the frame. This again aids in the elimination of creak as it provides less opportunity for movement within the frame as well as providing optimal stiffness and maximum transfer of power.

In addition to bottom brackets C-Bear offer a full line of replacement Pullys or Jockey Wheels suitable for Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo drive trains. Pulley wheel bearings are the fastest spinning bearings on your bike so an upgrade to a Ceramic, free spinning option is one of the most effective upgrades you can make. Everybody loves a never ending spinning Jockey Wheel!        

It is true that a bearing or BB upgrade does not offer as much visible 'Bling' to get excited about as other areas of the bike and not many of your fellow cyclists will see the incredible investment you have made to your machine but for those who are wanting a simple, hassel free and working as it should option then look no further than C-Bear.


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