May 2nd, 2017
FE Sports

Astute Italia - The Quest for Perfect Elegance

Italian saddle company offering first class technological reliability and the highest standards in artisanal craftsmanship - 100% Italian, 100% hand-made, 100% innovative.

ASTUTE is the result of an Italian dream. The co-operation between a group of enthusiastic businessmen and the best Venetian Craftsmen who for decades specialised in creating “Made in Italy” saddles. As a result a Revolutionary product was born. 

ASTUTE is 100% Italian, 100% hand-made, 100% innovative and always at the forefront thanks to continuous research, the use of the most advanced technology and the scouting of the most updated aesthetic trends. The superiority of ASTUTE saddles is due to the revolutionary Shape and Tri-Density Memory Foam padding. The particular shape of the ASTUTE saddle is realised as a result of the ultralight double base with a OPEN-U design that allows three times more padding capacity compared to what is offered by the rest of the market. This helps to keep the same dimensions of a traditional saddle while offering greater comfort and lowering the centre pressure point while improving aerodynamics and ergonomics.

Astute Italia offer a wide range of scientifically researched and lab tested saddles that have been developed to account for many varied and diverse conditions. Factors such as hours of use, type of route, structural morphology, riding position and posture on the bike are all considered and allow for a detailed and comprehensive series of precise offerings for the athlete. 

Challenging the concept of the "Universal Saddle", Astute has a passionate belief that in itself the saddle represents something very personal. The cyclist requires a certain feeling perceived through a series of sensations and it is not possible to indicate one single method that leads to a specific product from the very beginning. Astute does not point athletes to a single choice but guides them by highlighting the characteristics of each product and their practical side with respect to the real and personal tendencies of each individual. 

The Astute 5-step selection process has been developed in order to fully access and understand the characteristics of each saddle and to match the correct offering with the preferences and requirements of the cyclist. This involves firstly accessing the cycling discipline, the saddle width, a flat or curved shell shape and the composition of the saddle rails. The final choice involves the evaluation of 4 important rider specific qualities within each saddle family based on a 5 star scale: Comfort, absorption of vibration, reduced core movement (lowering energy consumption) and racing orientation. 

Covering every cycling discipline from Road, MTB, Chrono, Track and Triathlon in multiple widths and construction materials there is sure to be an Astute Saddle that will meet the needs of every cyclist. Astute believe that Energy Saved means Better Results so it makes sense to Maximise on the Bike Comfort and Minimise Core Movement allowing you to increase power and "Preserve Your Energy" to a better performance. 

The full Astute Italia Range is available through carefully selected FE Sports Dealers across Australia.